Client Testimonials


Wholistic Paws Veterinary Services are not only the best when it comes to helping care for your aging or convalescing pet, they are the best small business I have ever encountered. I cannot sing their praises enough. Dr. Krisi Erwin, her husband, Jeremy, and massage technician, Kasey Braun, have gone above and beyond to help care for my aging dog. I have never experienced such great service and devotion for something I care so much about as my beloved companion. My dog has been receiving acupuncture from Dr. Erwin for over a year. Not only has this helped assuage my dog’s arthritic pain, it breathed new life into her; she became more alert and playful again. Once I began including the massage therapy acumen, provided by Kasey, I could tell my dog’s joints were even less bothersome for her. Kasey is superb in targeting the correct areas for providing continued muscle and joint relief; my dog loves her treatment and relishes her massage time! The Wholistic Paws team is professional, caring, and dependable. They are super easy to set up and coordinate appointments with, they get back to you about any concerns you have, provide beneficial information and suggestions, and I love they add to my dog’s comfort by coming to our home. The genuine kindness, continued care, and support from Krisi, Jeremy, and Kasey not only helped save my dog, it helped save me!

Wendy Hooten



We are so pleased that Kasey Braun has joined the Wholistic Paws team! Because of her treatments, our senior Golden Retriever foster has learned to walk again.

Saylor came to GRREAT Rescue in August 2015 as a neglected 12 yr old with severely deformed knees. Over the years she had learned to compensate by hunching her back in a high arch and carrying most of her weight on her front legs but, by the time she came to the Rescue, she was 30 lbs overweight and could barely walk. We began working with Wholistic Paws to help ease her pain, lose weight, re-train her muscles and become mobile again. Along with acupuncture, laser and swim therapy, Dr Erwin introduced us to Kasey Braun, Canine Therapeutic Massage Therapist, who has become one of the most important components of Saylor's recovery.

Kasey's friendly, soothing and competent demeanor immediately put us at ease and gave us hope. On her first visit, she spent time getting to know Saylor and listened carefully to her history. She took her time learning and massaging Saylor's muscles, pointing out to us the major muscle groups and how they work together, and where her trigger points were and how to work them. Saylor wasn't sure at first but eventually became relaxed under her touch, and we saw her body sigh in relief as the pain in her muscles eased.

Kasey has been seeing Saylor every other week. It is heartwarming to see Saylor get excited and actually run and spin around when she sees Kasey, and then run to her bed and lay down so Kasey can start the massage. It isn't always comfortable for Saylor because Kasey has to work muscles that have spasmed, but that is happening less and less as Saylor grows stronger and all her therapies work together to help her heal.

The extreme difference in Saylor's mobility today, compared to when she first came to the Rescue, is remarkable. The arch in her back has eased and her muscles have not only gotten stronger, but are actually working together in a more normal way. Saylor's recovery is due in very large part to Kasey's knowledgeable and caring hands, and we can't thank her enough for everything she's done for this senior girl.




RockKasey Braun has been a wonderful addition to our program of wellness for Rock, our Shiloh Shepherd. He is experiencing rear leg muscle weakness and she is providing massage and laser acupuncture. He knows to look for her when she comes and he is happy to see her, in spite of the fact that he has to sit still for over an hour! He responds to the treatments and we are happy to see him feeling better. Kasey is very knowledgeable and along with Krisi Erwin's wealth of experience, we are confident in the team care that Rock is receiving from Wholistic Paws.




MellowAs an LVT, I see many families’ beloved pets in pain quite often which is why I was very concerned when my own dog injured his knee. Unsure if I should go straight to surgery or not, I started laser acupuncture with Dr. Erwin who offered some easy rehabilitation techniques as well and was so happy when my dog, Mellow, started to improve without having to go under anesthesia! He actually quite enjoys his treatments sometimes yawning and almost falling asleep until he gets love from the Erwin’s little kitty Gladys. We love Wholistic Paws Veterinary Services!

Crystal Long, LVT


Gunner and Floyd

Gunner and FloydDr. Erwin has been treating my two senior labs for several years now and has helped them tremendously. She provides monthly laser treatments, Acupuncture as well as pain management - and her bedside manner is amazing which makes it a wonderful experience for "all" of us. Words cannot express how grateful we are for providing our beloved labs the best possible quality of life during their golden years. Thank you Dr. Erwin and Wholistic Paws!




HayleyHaley was my first dog (even though I was 46 when my husband and I adopted her from a foster outside of Charlottesville, VA). I remember the night my husband left her alone with me for the first time. I sat on our bed and stared at her as she sat in the floor and stared back at me. I think we were both just a little leery of the other one.

We came a long way though from those first days. Haley was very timid and had suffered some unknown trauma before she was fostered by some awesome folks, so we were both works in progress for about the first year or so.

Haley had a wonderful, long life. We adopted a second rescue named Buster about 2 years after Haley, and they became inseparable best buddies! Buster was the best job Haley ever had!

In August of 2013, Haley would meet her match though. She was diagnosed with splenic hemangiosarcoma. That’s when our traditional vet referred us to Dr. Krisi. Best decision ever!! From the moment Dr. Krisi walked into our kitchen I knew we were in great hands. Her nurturing and caring spirit was visible from the very first time we met. She has just the right can do attitude to offer hope, while tempering it with the realities of her vast knowledge of treatments and outcomes. We were so grateful to have her expertise on Haley’s team!

Our traditional vet had originally forecasted that Haley had about 2 weeks to live. But with Dr. Krisi’s interventions and our diligence in following her instructions, our Haley actually lived another 16 months! Boy was that precious time! (Picture is from a subsequent trip to St. MichaelsJ) We will be forever indebted to Dr. Krisi for not giving up on our old gal!

Where traditional veterinary science ended, Dr. Krisi jumped in and taught us how to help Haley live better through and with her illness. We got to see how both the Traditional and the Wholistic approaches of veterinary science work in compliment and compatibility with each other. It changed our view on healthcare as a whole (and not just for animals). We have Dr. Krisi and her wonderful Wholistic Paws to thank for loving us, educating us and making us better!

Jennene Estes


Pixie and Lucky

Pixie and LuckyI have known Krisi and Jeremy Erwin of Wholistic Paws Veterinary Services since 2011, when they started providing acupuncture and herbal support for my then-19-year-old cat Pixie, who was suffering from arthritis. In addition to offering Pixie relief for her pain, they provided treatment in the comfort of her own home, eliminating the extra stress on both of us of having to crate and transport her which an office visit would have entailed.

When Pixie's health deteriorated to the point that it was time to let her go, Krisi and Jeremy helped immensely. Pixie started having seizures on a Sunday, and I knew this was too much for her on top of her other health problems. When I called Krisi, they come over to our house, on a Sunday, enabling Pixie to pass on from familiar surroundings, with her brother nearby.

Krisi also provided medical care, nutritional advice, and acupuncture for Lucky, a senior cat I adopted from a local shelter; and when Lucky passed away unexpectedly Krisi and Jeremy's kindness and compassion helped me through the loss.

Wholistic Paws Veterinary Services is bar none the best veterinary experience I have known in all my years with pets. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a holistic pet care provider who combines western medicine, herbal supplements, acupuncture, and more to support their patients' quality of life.

Abigail Knutson



TwixI cannot possibly thank Dr. Erwin and Jeremy enough for their expertise and kindness. They took amazing care of my dog Twix, and treat their furry customers with love and compassion. Thank you for all that you both do!

The Gitzen family



Daisy and ElizabethThank you so much to Wholistic Paws Veterinary Services!! They added so much to Daisy's quality of life the last 6 months. They helped us manage Daisy's pain and keep her happy. Daisy loved the stroller they let us borrow. They always answered any questions we had. Because of them, Daisy was relaxed and passed very peacefully at home with her mommy and daddy by her side. We are very grateful.

The Blair family



CosmoThis is my distinguished gentleman, Cosmo. He will be 19 this year. For the past 5 years he has been battling diabetes, kidney disease and arthritis. My main concern for him has been quality of life. Since Krisi came into our lives, I haven't had to worry at all. The laser treatments he receives keeps him feeling young. Cosmo is not as fast as he used to be but he still enjoys his favorite game of fetch at a saunter! Can't thank Krisi enough for keeping him happy and in our lives!”

The Pearson family



Katie in her cartIn the spring of 2008, our German Shepherd "Katie" started dragging her right, hind foot. Upon the advice of our veterinarian, we took Katie to a neurologist. After an examination and MRI, his diagnosis was a compressed disc. On the neurologist's advice, we started taking Katie to Dr. Krisi Erwin for acupuncture to see if it would alleviate her symptoms. After several months the symptoms did not alleviate so the neurologist operated on Katie's disc. After Katie's surgery things did not progress as hoped. Because she was a German Shepherd, there was a possibility that she had a genetic disease called Degenerative Myelopathy. Dr. Erwin researched and discovered that a new test had recently been developed to test for the disease. She ordered the test kit, collected the sample from Katie and had it tested. Unfortunately, the test came back positive for the disease.

Degenerative Myelopathy is like Multiple Sclerosis in humans. It is a devastating disease with no current cure. Through all of the stages of the disease, Dr. Erwin was with us researching the best aids, diet and exercise for Katie helping us to help her have the longest, fullest life possible. Dr. Erwin came to our house numerous times to perform acupuncture, laser therapy and massages on Katie. Katie was always relaxed and confident during those treatments because of Dr. Erwin's gentle and calm nature. In addition, the mental support that Dr. Erwin gave to us, Katie's owners, was incredibly helpful through the progression of this terrible disease. When it was getting closer to the time to let Katie go, we knew that we didn't want to plan it in advance. For us, it had to be when the "right time" presented itself. On a Saturday morning in February of this year, that right time came. We called Dr. Erwin late that morning and asked her if she could come that evening. When she came, Dr. Erwin spent over an hour talking to us about all different things, not just about Katie, so that when it was time, Katie had fallen asleep on the couch and we were calm. Having to put animals to sleep is, unfortunately, something that we must do as pet owners. In the past, having to take our animals to a vet's office for it, was depressing for us and upsetting to the animal. I hope with future animals to always be able to do what we did with Katie – at home with Dr. Erwin lending her competent, compassionate support.

Elise and Gary Snight



WoodyMy Golden Retriever Woody developed two conditions in his 12th year, a serious heart disease as well as laryngeal paralysis, in addition to a general decline in the use of his rear legs. He changed from being a very active, healthy, and carefree dog who was cool with whenever and whatever was happening, into one where he really required a form of assisted living. Though I was happy to be there in every way for him, my concern was for his well being, comfort, and enjoyment of living.

Acupuncture had always been a part of his life in terms of general care, but with Woody's conditions, travel was too stressful to take him out for treatment, and it was about six months that he had not received any acupuncture before I learned that Dr. Erwin was able to provide in-home care. She and her veterinary technician husband Jeremy began coming over, and in addition to the acupuncture treatments, they provided a warm and caring connection with Woody and with me. They were there not only in support of my dog, but also in providing support and perspective on Woody's conditions, expectations, and complimentary treatments, in addition to advising and collaborating with other necessary allopathic remedies. Whereas I had thought Woody was close to passing, he stabilized, and improved with each of his conditions, and to such a point, that our life around the home once again had a normalcy and ease to it. Woody never stopped trying to do the things he wanted, but just with less frequency and at a necessarily slower pace with all that was going on. I was thrilled and amazed to see him comfortable again, and with enough energy to play a bit, "speak" occasionally, and move about with more certainty. I was also comforted in knowing that Krisi and Jeremy were also willing to work with us as needed as the need for final arrangements would present itself. They were indeed a blessing in Woody's care and treatment!

Gary Breads


Oprah May

Oprah MayMy elderly Basset Hound named Oprah May had been suffering from osteoarthritis for a couple years before we started seeing Dr. Erwin for acupuncture. Oprah was on daily anti-inflammatories, supplements, and a special joint diet at the time, but her hocks would still periodically swell up to the size of softballs. She was inactive, depressed, and at times, ornery. Despite being in the veterinary field myself, I'll admit I was skeptical about the benefits of acupuncture. However, Dr. Erwin made it so easy for us--she came to our house so we didn't have to transport Oprah and the benefits were immediately apparent. Just receiving the acupuncture soothed and relaxed Oprah, and she would often fall asleep during the treatment and continue napping once Dr. Erwin had finished. She became more active, happier, and rejoined our family instead of isolating herself. We were able to eliminate all other treatments except a small dose of anti-inflammatory medication. I truly believe that Dr. Erwin's acupuncture added years onto Oprah's life and definitely transformed her once miserable existence into a comfortable and pleasant life.

Laura Hurlich